Is infidelity limited to physical involvement or does it extend to emotional involvement as well?

Is infidelity limited to physical involvement or does it extend to emotional involvement as well?

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Renica Rego
June 7, 2017


  1. Infidity is both physical , mental and emotional. It is eating up the social fabric. But once you realise it is taking away you entirely , i mean indulgence . Vigilance is the key. *p*

  2. That is a very valid question you have put forth. I feel emotional attachment is much more important than physical involvement. We all know that a relationship is destroyed when the partners fail to communicate. When some one is in the midst of a troubled relationship, he/she might seek some one else to talk to. He/she might find solace in communicating with some one else which may eventually lead to the end of the relationship. When we become too close to some one outside our relationship you start keeping secrets from our partners and that is the whole point of being an infidel. So, I would say that infidelity is not only limited to physical involvement but mental attachment as well.*p*

  3. The thing about infidelity is that the person who's being infidel is the first person to realize that rather than the person they are cheating on. And that can happen at any level. Emotional or Physical. Or both. Infidelity is how you're hurting your partner. It can be how you're making them devoid of your emotional presence in their life and sharing it with someone else. And similarly, the normal and common one being physically being absent when it comes to your partner. *p**p*So sometimes, it involves both and sometimes it can be just one of them. Either way, it's equally dangerous. So, we should ponder about the symptoms first rather than the reason.*p*

  4. It definitely includes emotional infidelity as well. After all the basis of close relationships is emotional connection and intimacy. If a spouse is closer to someone else rather than the partner, and chooses to be distant and uninvolved emotionally with him/her, then it is a warning signal for the relationship.  *p*

  5. 1. Infidelity is physical.*p**p*2. Both may indulge into infedelity.*p**p*3. Sometimes the partner may or may not be infidel. So an emotional involvement may turn into infidel act. *p*

  6. Infidelity now has become subjective to who is commiting it. For someone, a simple hug might be enough to create a feeling of guilt in their stomach, while for another a much closer physical interaction, intense talks or even the desire from within to be around the other person not tantamount to anything but normal behaviour. Therefore I believe infidelity is relative and shall mostly be decided on a case to case basis by the real people involved in it.*p*

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