Is it aright to not want it even if you are meeting after a long time? Though, There is nothing wrong or is there?


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Swati Mehra
July 24, 2017


  1. Depends on what level your relationship is- if the sexual chemistry is great, then you would of course want it
    and if you don’t then maybe introspect what’s missing from your side or his side. It’s normal to want it especially after long
    unless some factors are underplay.

  2. Absolutely, if one is just in platonic love, one can surely have a relationship without any intention of having sex.

  3. It’s completely alright. When we are apart for a long time that frequency is kind of missing. It takes time to fall back to previous humdrum. But it is always good to remain truthful about it. There is no point in having it when you don’t really want it.

  4. I’d say it shows something amiss. Sexual attraction is a big part of a romantic relationship and not wanting it especially after a gap is not a good sign. Is it just one person that does not want or both? Either way you should introspect as well as talk about what is missing, and if this is a symptom of a deeper problem

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