Is it compulsory to give a name to a relationship? Can’t we just be partners?

Why name a relationship?

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Hema K
July 28, 2017


  1. Depends on how the other person sees it. I believe that a couple has the option of choosing whether to publicly acknowledge love or be mum about it. Ultimately, what matters is how you two think about the relationship. But sometimes, as I said, we are forced to give it a name because the other partner may not be ok with it.

  2. The Indian society is changing or, perhaps, has already changed. Live in relationships thrive openly today than was the case some years ago. In Gujarat, for quite some time, “maitri” contracts were signed between couples to overcome the law on bigamy. No, there is no need to give the relationship a name unless it progresses towards building a family. Then it may be necessary but not mandatory to give the relationship a name, traditionally called “marriage”.

  3. I don’t think there is any need to give names. But that would mean both people are very comfortable with where they are in the relationship. At the same time, be prepared for questions as most people want to give a name, and put relationships also in categories.

  4. I wish we could. But i guess, in our society this happens only in our ideal world of books and fantasies. But having said so, i would like to add, that the possibility you mentioned is already happening. I have never tried Tinder, but the very thought that you rate a person like an Uber driver and swipe to date or reject is the beginning isn’t it. I think the more newer generation, is already doing this.
    And no, not every relationship has a name, there should be freedom to be just partners. And that time will come soon. But again, its all about authenticity, name or no name, if the two people involved are transparent and straight then, there this kind of an arrangement should work.

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