Is it fine to have a chubby baby?

New mothers often ask this question. "Is it fine if my baby is chubby, if she is active? Doctors have started saying that baby fat never actually goes away, and that childhood obesity could lead to obesity later on in life as well. Do I need to regulate my toddler's food intake from the start, even though it will break my heart to do so?"

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Deepti Menon
June 7, 2017


  1. It is normal for a baby to be chubby. Do not worry. The fat will wither away with time and once he/she becomes more active. But do consult a doctor and make sure your baby gets a balanced diet. There are a few things which may be harmful for your baby's health in the long run. Once you take care of that your baby's growth process will be normal.*p*

  2. Babies are meant to be chubby and bonnie. An infant with a six pack flat tummy will look very artificial and awakward. An infant can never overeat. It takes the shape it is meant to be taking. Corrections can be made later, though with healthy food habits, you won't need to.*p*

  3. This is plain stupid. I was pretty chubby during childhood and I have a well-toned body now. It's not about your baby being chubby; it's about whether she is active or not. If she's active then you do not have to worry at all.Babies tend to lose weight as they grow up and their metabolism rate and activities increase. So, don't worry about anything. Make sure that your baby has a proper diet. And her physical activities should not stop. This will help in her overall growth throughout. *p*

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