Is it important for couples to spend all the weekends together?

Married couples, whether both the partners are working or not, need not be with each other for the weekends too. Maybe they need to go out and mix with other people separately also so that they get to discuss and chat about something which the other doesn't know. 

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Antara Gupta
June 7, 2017


  1. Seeing and knowing each other in a way that keeps the suspense, charm and romance alive is a formula for successful marriage. *p**p* *p**p*Familiarity breeds contempt and so does too much of togetherness.*p*

  2. Oh God, thank you for asking this.. As the years go by you realise, NO! You dont need to spend every weekend togerher, its ok to be apart for a while. *p*

  3. They need to mingle with other people too. You are right. But they need to strike a balance between finding time to be with each other and finding time to meet others. Maybe they can choose alternative weekends to spend some quality time with each other. Not spending enough time with each other can be detrimental too. So its better to plan a schedule in which everyone is benefitted.*p*

  4. Its difficult to find a balance between work and personal relationship and marriage. *p**p*It depends on each partner. One spouse might want more independent time while the other may want more together time. *p**p*Also its important to not neglect friends and family and focus only on each other.*p*

  5. It's important to spend time together on weekends that says yes u really love spending time together, Mon to Fri is routine for all everyone looks fwd to spend weekends with special ones and who can be more special than spouse.*p*

  6. Well, I guess we are very neatly poised here discussion wise. Most of us think that the partners should give space to each other and spend time with their friends rather than each other every weekend. *p**p*I too agree with the above. Each one of us at an individual level needs someone who is not your partner or spouse to share your feelings, to simply talk to about things that need not be about home, kids, finances and future all those serious things that engulf our lives all the time. While that definitely does not mean that I spend all the weekends away from my husband, no I don't. How can I let him feel like a single every weekend… 🙂 *p**p* *p*

  7. I think we should have a proper understanding so that neither one takes offence while each one continues to enjoy weekends with friends, family and whoever is concerned. *p*

  8. Yes. That's true. Everyone should have their own social life and identity and your partner shouldn't mind about it. Because we need our own social individuality and should mix with as many people as we can. And, a partner should understand and respect that. *p*

  9. Nope. In fact there is more meat in the marriage where they have individual friends and conversations too! We feel too insecure or want to be in that system where we spedn all our time together! *p*

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