Is it important to call everyday?

My boyfriend feels that for a healthy relationship calling everyday is important, no matter how caught up one is. I feel that people had healthy relationships before cell phones without talking daily. Just like there may be days we talk for hours, there could be days we don't. How do I make him understand or am I wrong?

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June 7, 2017


  1. The point of view of every person varies on this particular question as every human personality is dynamic. While some people can go for days altogether without talking with each other, some others rely on their partners for moral support, guidance, or just for having a casual talk. It may be the case that your partner is not so comfortable in talking with anyone else than he is with you. This leaves him with no one to share his inner thoughts except you, making him adamant about talking daily. Yes, you are right that talking daily is not necessary for a healthy relationship, but that depends on case to case. Some are strong enough to digest the fact and work hard in their daily routines without the need of talking while some look for a support to cling on for multiple times in a day. It is just the difference of human personalities. Just identify your partner's personality and try to be in line with him for a happy and successful relationship. *p*

  2. You are both not wrong. All he wants is to make sure that you two hear each other everyday. It is important for sure. Maybe he craves to see you everyday but he suffices it through your voice. On the other hand you are right too. For a relationship to survive, everyday calls may not be a criteria. I think you should tell him about these things and also keep pampering him from time to time. If he still doesn't understand then I think you just comply maybe. Things you do for your loved one!*p*

  3. You have to find a middle ground which suffices both of your needs. I think it's necessary if you're in a long distance relationship. It helps the bond to remain as it is. And, a phone call should not become a burden on you. If the other person is not in a situation to talk to you then you shouldn't force. But a brief call everyday would never harm a relationship. *p*

  4. I believe the essential question you need to ask yourself here is, why don't you feel the need to talk to him atleast once a day? There is nothing right or wrong in a relationship as every person builds their relationship by their own rules, having said that communication is key in every relationship. So maybe try reflecting on why wouldn't you want to speak to your boyfriend atleast once a day?*p*

  5. Hi Raisha, some of the things that help build a solid and 'healthy' relation are trust, understanding and thoughtfulness. Whether a couple talks all through the day or once a week, it doesn't strenghten or weaken a relation. The need to communicate is something that cannot be forced or followed like a rule. It just flows naturally out of concern and not from an urge to be updated about everything. If I may add, technology has thankfully helped us to stay connected without being hooked on to mobiles all the time.  *p*

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