Is it important to establish whose fault the divorce is either within the family-friends circle or in court?

Most divorcing couples try to establish that the ex is to be blamed. How necessary is it? What purpose does it solve?

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Madhuri Y
June 7, 2017


  1. If one partner cheated or resorted to emotional or physical abuse, it is important… obviously, fixing blame doesn't help. But in a non-mutual divorce cases, it may be important to bring out the reason to file for divorce.*p*

  2. I think playing a blame game is not gonna help much. We should just be able to take control of the situation and not let it ruin whatever happy life we have to lead ahead. And generally, divorcees have children to take care of and should focus more on that than trying to get back to their spouse. *p*

  3. That's the perfectly sensible approach to take. Not to speak of the trauma children go through between warring parents. *p*

  4. You're absolutely right that it doesn't help from the emotional point of view. Even courts do not get into pinning the blame – except to see whether there are grounds to grant a divorce. When it comes to alimony, they don't consider the fault, it's simply based on and who should be paying the alimony and what the amount should be. *p**p*I agree with you that the blame game doesn't help anyone.*p*

  5. I think if you are talking about it from an emotional helps no one! But if it is about establishing things for alimony etc..then it is a different ballgame. The thing anout divorce as I have heard from many friendsis that one has so much weakness of the other that in the end it would not serve any party any good! *p*

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