Is it OK to be friends with an ex after divorce?

My marriage to my college gf fell apart a few years ago and we got divorced. Recently she tagged me to an old photo online and we got chatting. Is it okay to be friends with an ex after divorce? Right now things seem fine but I'd like to avoid any future complications

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June 7, 2017


  1. hey its good to be freinds with your ex if you both have moved on romantically. Its having that comfort zone without being responsible as a partner. Best of both worlds  but sometimes can be a lot messier. In future you both would be in different relationship , will your future partner be mature and accepting of this? Also would either of you be hurt againif one of you decide to break up even as freinds. Its a choice you both have to make considering each other's reaction knowing yourself and each other the best  because since you are being freinds after divorce i understand you dont wnat to hurt each other more.*p*

  2. having an ex as a friend is not a big deal. especially if you dont have someone in your life who would question your motives. you are not looking for something serious and the reasons your marriage failed must be still with you. so yes its perfectly fine.*p*

  3. Of course its fine in fact if you have made peace with each other and decide to consciously avoid raking up the past, you can share a healthy relationship as a friend and commorade with your spouse. Its much better than having a bitter relationship with th ex*p*

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