Is it possible to forgive the ‘love of your life’ after your breakup? Do you ever forget your first love?

Is it possible to forgive the 'love of your life' after your breakup? Do you ever forget your first love?

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June 7, 2017


  1. No one really forgets anything. *p**p*Forgiving is ensuring own happiness. If you do not forgive no one other than you suffers.*p*

  2. It depends on how much love, trust, giving was invested in the relationship.*p**p*It depends on how clean was the 'break up".*p**p*But sometimes on rainy nights or hearing the words of a favourite song…you do feel that old tug…*p*

  3. No you will never forget yopur first love but the question here is do you remember the person with pain or happiness. When you have someone sharing your current life journey, memories of first love can be something one shares…if not, it becomes very painful.  *p*

  4. First love is magical the first kiss the first touch ! Remember the first pair of lacy expensive underclothes one bought . One wore it all the time savouring it's softness hoping for action and then ultimately thrown with the bunch of  the first love letters in the dustbin. So one always remembers and then the memories r relegated to the dust bin remembered very rarely unless of course ur current is a true jerk. *p**p*Its not easy to forgive but then soon it turns into indifference and u tell urself disgustingly isme maine delha kya*p*

  5. There is something magical about first love, to know that precious feeling with is beautiful! No, you can't forget it… *p*

  6. I totally agree with Akshatra that it depends on  how it ended. You do not forget your first love. But then it is all about whether it is a good memory or a bad one. You definitely do not want to have vivid memories. You can never forget if he was the love of your life, specially if he broke it and you were still emotionaly involved. *p**p* *p*

  7. Its almost impossible to earse the memory of first love but it all depends on how it ended. If it ended in an ugly way, one would rather be content with not recalling those memories. My experience in life has taught me that with time we learn to let go, forgive and move on. As tough as it seems in the early stages we  realise gradually that letting go and making peace is what makes us feel lighter and we need to do that for no one but the precious "ourself"*p*

  8. it is  a long life. it is possible and one must learn if cannot, to forgive and forget.  *p*