Is it possible to have a perfect marriage when the sex life is far from perfect?

Sexual chemistry (& physics & geography) πŸ™‚ is vital to a marriage. However, in a relationship if the couple is at odds regarding the frequency, the variety, the grammar, the syntax, the vocabulary…… can it still script a fairy tale marriage?

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Ramendra Kumar
June 7, 2017


  1. A perfect marriage involves some element of openness, communication, compromise and acceptance. And these values make for a great sex life too. So if a marriage is truly perfect, I don't see how the sex shouldn't be. It's about telling your partner your likes and dislikes, and finding out theirs. *p*

  2. No. Married life without sex is just like having biryani without salt (especially to the partner who is deprived). It is necessary for both partners to have equal interest in sex. Couples should be able to know the emotional and physical needs of each other. Men can express their physical needs easily. But for women, it is not easy. Most of the women feel embarrassed and shy to express their feelings and needs. Sex is an important part of married life, if not essential. This beautiful act of making love, among married couples, should not be restricted only to a baby making procedure.

  3. Depends on the age of the couple. Physical proximity without sex becomes soothing after a certain age. In the sexually active period of human life, lack of sex in marriage may mean that one or both the partners are getting the needs fulfilled outside marriage or they have lost interest in each other. Stress in the external world is another reason for detest in sex. Overall, at a certain age, usually end of sex means end of marriage. Carcass may take time to degenerate but the spirit usually is dead.

  4. Hmm, an interesting conundrum. I believe that sexual life and everyday life of a couple can be both inclusive and exclusive. The sweet spot is always ‘understanding’. *p*If for some reason, ones sexual life is not very rosy, one can always try to stimulate the relationship in a variety of ways instead of being stressed about it. Sometimes, repairing the relationship out of bed can help mend the same within. *p*Just my two cents.

  5. let’s take it one bite at a time, marriage without masala is like Mumbai without local trains; life less. The idea of sex needs to be presented with a different wraps. *p**p*Erotica*p*Involve a friend*p*Role playing helps*p**p*All the best man! *p*

  6. of course its possible ! Sex isn’t the universe of a great relationship. Yes, must be there but the romance and little things make the difference in sustaining a great relationship! Yes, these are my views. Sex isn’t always about copulation. Its about keeping the burning desire for each other alive…. The act, another medium. Amen!*p**p*

  7. Naturally not, one cannot think of such a situation if you are a free thinker but again a majority of people live a life without that mostly in Abrahmanic religions. Imagine Muslim women being deprived by circumcision during childhood and the chastity of Catholics during virginity and not allowing abortions etc.

  8. Right now, this is only a hypothetical question for me because things have been good through many years of my marriage..*p*But i can say , yes there are some people who do have a good marriage even though they don’t have a sex life( i know more than one case where the male partner is impaired into a dysfunction, but they still make a great couple.) On the other hand, sex ( or rather the absence of it) can definitely be a reason for people to leave each other. let’s not fool ourselves about the passionate decisions it can influence. Age matters. If you’ve been buddies when you’re young, with each passing year the chances are you will find that there are other things to make the marriage strong, Love and companionship are great adhesives too. πŸ™‚

  9. I think we have too much pressure of number where sex is concerned. Twice a week, once everyday during vacation. Def on anniv! I mean who sets these rules? I think we lie a lot about our sex lives!

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