Is it wise to move back to a relationship or marriage considering other related factors without having resolved the one that got you separated at the first place?

Often, may be very often and rightly so, before ending a relationship we ponder over the affect that it might have on us; how, and in what ways, our life might not be the same again; how to try and achieve a sort of "settled" feeling in that relationship, knowing that the basic dynamics of it still remains the same- the core question that led to this wish of breaking it off is still unsettled. And also how it might pain or assuage the “significant others” who are actually an inseparable part of this “our” link.
 Is it also about the tussle between “coming out of the so-called comfort zone” (if there is any comfort at all in it) or assumed misconception that “life is always greener on the other side” ?


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June 7, 2017


  1. If there is one reason to break up there must be ten to remain together or patch up. Howmuchsoever the reason is important it is imperative to consider all the relevant factors. I would not suggest compromise but valuing pros and cons seems implicit.*p*

  2. Its too wide a question, the parameters could be very varied. Like young dependant children when you have a problem with infidelity,or a control freak in law when you live in the same house.The answer is that if the "if" even crops up, it must certainly be worth a second chance.*p*

  3.  *p**p*The one that got the couple separated, had to be a major issue and how come  one can think of reunion, with the issue still intact ? Unless both have made up their minds to make a compromise and keep eyes closed on it. Actually depends upon the issue and it's nuisance value in future.*p*

  4. Thanks a lot Raksha for sharing the piece :)*p**p*It indeed helped. Some nagging issues that  potentially tears a relationship apart often losses significance with time and in larger context of things, eventually leading to a stronger bond: as in the case of this couple.*p**p* *p*

  5. Thanks for your comment, Ram:)*p**p*So – "look, before you leap, "; but once you take the leap, don't look back.*p*