Is Live-in a recourse for the non-committal couples for physical or financial comfort?

Commitment phobia is one the rise. It’s not rare to find a couple agreeing to Live-in for financial prudence. Physical gratification is an added lure. Sometimes, sex is the primary driver. Is Live-in just a convenient compromise?

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Tapan Mozumdar
June 7, 2017


  1. No it is not. Live-in is over glorified. In fact you start to face realities quicker than a marriage.*p**p*People can have varied reasons for live-in. Commitment phobia could be just one such minor reason*p*

  2. A live-in shows strong commitment towards personal values and carefree attitude towards typical society. financial prudence and sex lead the marriages too. Its on a couple to carry on their relation with complete determination and commitment be it a relation based on marriage or live-in.. as soon as and as long as love is present there is hardly any other thing that matters.

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