Is mental abuse in a marriage as punishable as physical abuse?

Have you ever faced mental abuse in marriage as in your spouse your physically, but you go through a mental trauma?

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July 13, 2017


  1. Absolutely. Yes it is as serious as physical abuse. The very foundation of a relationship is based on transparent communication. Not able to or not wanting to communicate is an indication that things are not right. It is injustice for sure.

  2. My mother was in an emotionally abusive marriage and I saw her wither away, with everyday abuses, insults, demoralisation etc. It is indeed painful. I don't think abuse can be measured on a scale of what is more painful. It is important to recognise all kinds of abuse, as the Indian Domestic Violence Act has done. And that is a step in the right direction.*p*

  3. Mental abuse is more devastating than the physical abuse. The scars of mental abuse are not visible to the naked eyes and thus, have a lasting impression on our minds. *p*

  4. Abuse in any form needs to be punished but sadly it does not happen as it is kept under the wraps. This further encourages the abuser and things take an ugly turn. In many cases it leads to murder or suicide too. It is a sad state of affairs as marital and social pressures make the abused remain silent.*p*

  5. Abuse is abuse, whether mental or physical. It is a crime that oft goes unreported until under extreme circumstances it is discovered or the victim gathers the courage to come out into the open. *p*

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