Is Mid Life Crisis a real thing? How can one identify it?

Or, we just keep on covering the boring relationship under this term "Mid Life Crisis"?

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Shipra Trivedi
July 13, 2017


  1. A midlife crisis usually occurs when there is some change in a middle aged persons life. It could be because the children have moved on or it could be because of hormonal changes or some change in the persons nature. *p**p*The person feels dissatisfied with his life and wants to change something. Its hard for the spouse also. When someone is dissatisfied they get more irritable and judgemental. *p**p*Its time to accept that you need to change and not hold on to the old life. People need to evaluate what exactly they need to change.*p**p*Change isnt easy. But you have to transform something in your life. Doing nothing will worsen you and your partner's life. *p*

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