Is patriotism enough to keep the wife of an Army officer waiting for her husband without going astray?

Long, extended deputations under harsh conditions in combat over a hostile terrain – that’s an Army officer’s life. His wife awaits his return, usually in a safe place far away from her husband. If she has a social life, enchantments and allures are expected. Will it be unfair for her to respond to her physical needs and patriotism is not enough to keep her passions in check?

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Tapan Mozumdar
June 7, 2017


  1. I know personally some wives and in most cases I have seen being loyal to husband depends more about wives’ understanding about compulsions regarding husband’s loyalty, husband’s job or more specifically money for the family and children’s education rather than patriotism. Patriotism comes in big picture.

  2. There’s no static data that says, an army wife should or should not – have a life, when her beloved husband is on duty. If I were the husband, would definitely listen to her and will try my best to make her feel, like a woman who needs love, touch and care. Therefore, IMHO – it is a BIG YES. If she wishes to see other men in my absence. *p**p*Yes, it is possible and know even in reality; it will stay possible.

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