Is public display of affection necessary in today’s married life?

My husband loves displaying his affection towards me publicly but I feel shy about it. I tried telling him about it but he doesn't take me seriously. Now, I just let him do what he wants as long as its not embarrassing enough for me.Should I put my foot down or let things remain as they are? 

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June 7, 2017


  1. Psychologically its like a kid showing off his shiny new toy. So you have to be happy that he is happy being with you and wants to show it to the entire world!*p*

  2. Long back I had this debate with myself… here is what i realised in a dialogue with self*p**p**p*

  3. If it really suffocates you then you should let your husband know about it. And ask him why he does it. There is no point in showing off your love. It's something which you should feel deep within. *p*

  4. No need to put your foot down, but tell him what makes you uncomfortable. You do have the right to express what you don't like!*p*

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