is sex is a necessity for a marriage?

Could anyone tell how imp is sex in a marriage?I never had sex does this mean my husband is cheating. I know he is caring, person

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June 7, 2017


  1. Sex is an integral part of a marriage. While the foundation of marriage may be companionship, physical intimacy and sexual intercourse help build that companionship. Within a marriage, you can figure out whether you want to limit your sexual relationship with each other or go with multiple partners (like in an open relationship). However, if you have not had sex with each other then you need to sit and talk about whether is it because of lack of attraction or any other inhibition that is stopping you both from having sex with each other.

  2. Nope! One can get companionship from marriage and sex from somewhere else. Besides it is so boring with the same person.

  3. That depends on how important sex is for your husband and why you don't want to have a sexual relationship. Both of you should try and talk about it and find common ground. You need to introspect on why you don't want sex and if that is something you don't want to do ever. A romantic relationship does need sex but not always. There are exceptions, as long as you and your husband have clear communication. *p*

  4. For a marriage to sustain , yes. It’s always the love generated from sexual bond that kee0a the marriage alive. *p*Believe you both should sit and talk. Maybe there are issues that is preventing him from having Sex . And you can help him overcome those.*p*Sex is the strengthening member of a marriage, I believe, be it india or abroad.

  5. Isn’t sex the whole point of marriage in India? Of course it’s only my personal opinion

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