Is talking about your past relationship with your better half maturity?

Just happened to read somewhere where someone claimed that she & her husband regularly talk about their exes? Is this normal or do I belong the traditional school of thought? I didn't have a past but my husband did. We never discuss his ex as an unspoken rule. 

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June 7, 2017


  1. I think it is never okay to tak about past relationships…never okay. Just let it go…*p*

  2. It depends. Some couples are comfortable and some are not. So it is important to decide whether a certain couple wants to have a conversation about their past or not. It is better to avoid such discussions if the other partner is not okay with it. But if mutual consideration is there, then there are no issues.*p*

  3. I thought I belonged to the traditional school of thought until I read your comment. *p*

  4. Do not talk about your past relationships. There are possibilites of misunderstangs to be created and arguments will come soon after. Let go the past and focus on the present and future! :)*p*

  5. This has nothing to do with maturity or lack of it. If the partner is OK, should not be an issue. My friend speaks about her ex freely in front of her hubby. Probably the only person who feels uncomfortable in the conversation is me! Sooner u make peace with past better it is for the future!*p*

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