Is technology destroying the emotions in a relationship?

Technology has definitely made an impact on our social lives. Whatsapp Facebook has brought friends together. But is it not having an inpact on relationships. Are the emotions in a relationship getting effected. Or it is just an excuse

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Sukanya Banerjee
June 7, 2017


  1. Not really. Just imagine how long distance relations would be without technology. Now you can not only talk with them but you can see their face, send them gifts faster and easier and make them feel special in the most subtle way possible. I do not think it has a negative effect as far as relationships are concerned. Maybe sometimes the emotional connect takes a backseat due to overuse but technology if used in the correct sense can bring joy and happiness to a relationship and can help sustain it during tough times. *p*

  2. Like everything in life, technology also has its pros and cons. But I personally feel it has a lot of positives in a relationship than negatives! I would feel very comfortable sharing something very intimate or private in a whatsapp or a private message – at least in the initial stages of my relationship. I would probably feel very shy expressing the same in is also very romantic and the mystery of what the other is going to type! *p**p*…of course, there are a few times when the message is lost in transit and the tone in which anything is said can always be misconstrued which does not really happen in person! It's very similar to many other aspects in life – you can choose to take the positives in and ignore the negatives! ..or if you know it could be trouble, ignore using technology where your instinct says it may end up troubling your relationship.*p**p* *p*

  3. I believe technology has a strong impact which may even have far reaching consequences on a relationship. I strongly suggeest couples switch-off Smart Phones and any other purveyors of Social Media, not to mention televisions sets and computers and actually celebrate their intimacy for a change!*p*

  4. I think technology, lessens the need of that one person. We can flirt with one online, via socail media, have chats on the subject we want with another, take care of our loeneliness with a third. When things go south with out partners, we run to our phones…to fill the gap, instead of tryign to sort it out! *p*

  5. Whatsapp, Facebook have changed the equations in relationships tremendously. On one hand we are now able to feel more connected with people, on the other hand it has added to more chaos in the lives of people. Anything and everything in excess is bad and the same rule applies to technology and social media. Those who understand this and have set time limits in a disciplined way to be online, are happier than those who get swayed away with the charm of being in limelight or the two minutes of fame. The best part is anyone can find and contact anyone when there is need and the worst part is anyone can say any bull**** easily. It has brought many relationships together and at the same time, many relationships has gone through rough patches owing to the misuse of it.*p*

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