Is the problem of ‘mental,emotional or psychological’ abuse addressed in abusive relationships?

What are the symptoms to notice that our partner is emotionally abusing us, while on the outside, everything seems fit and fine? What to do in such cases?

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Shobha Mahapatra
July 13, 2017


  1. Emotional abuse is something that is lesser talked about and often, I feel, overlooked in relationships because it is subjuctive.*p**p*The best way to deal could be communication. Keep a record of what you felt was psychological abuse and communicate it to your partner. Also, it is important to understand if the partner does it on purpose or is generally sarcastic/ rude/ insensitive.. It could also be that an uncommunicated emotion does not give a cue to the partner that it was rude of him/her to have said such a thing.*p*

  2. A lot of abusers have a pattern. A cycle. Wherein they abuse, followed by an apology, then a few days of calm, and abuse again. Check for this as many victims fall in this trap of thinking he is apologising and will improve. The first thing to do is call the abuser out, and seek support as if you are alone, it makes you a bigger target*p*

  3. Emotional abuse can sometimes be hidden from the world. And it is something the victim will be the best judge of. We all have different triggers or insecurities and if your partner is constantly picking on those then it could be emotional abuse. Try and talk to the partner and tell them the extent to which their words are damaging the relationship. You can seek help outside the marriage, in friends, family, or professional. Someone both sides look up to*p*

  4. Just listen to your heart, it never lies. If you feel he/she is giving you pain, talk to him/her about this, with open n positive mindset. If you really love the person, go for solution approach. Consult experts/psychiatrist. We should try to focus on pain points/diseases instead of on patients/people.*p*

  5. i feel like there will be signs like emotional blackmails sorts of manupilation, constant use of negative and foul language in the absence of compliments etc etc. At the end of the day, abuse is what makes you feel bad about yourself and hurts your selfesteem so its really for those in the relationship to decide. *p*

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