Is trial separation a good idea?

If a marriage is going through a rough patch, is it okay for the couple to live apart?  Especially if things have got bad enough to warrant divorce talk. Should the couple stick together and try and work it out or should they separate for a while? What if the separation actually breaks them?

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Priya Jindal
July 13, 2017

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  1. be very clear on both sides as to the purpose of the separation. It should not happen that one partner sees it as the end of the road while the other thinks that this is a sort of time out from each other before getting back together.*p**p*In case the purpose is to think more clearly when apart then make sure you have a timeline of around two or three months of separation. much more than that and you may as well say good bye.*p**p*This is not the time to start searching out new partners.*p**p* Keep in touch everyday possibly get a therapist.*p**p*If one partner has already decided that its over might as well be honest and dont bother with all the above steps. This has some chance only if both are wanting to try.*p*

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