Is watching pornography healthy for a marriage? How much is healthy?

Today’s headline in TOI where wife is taking husband to the court for watching porn in excess is quite an eye opener. what is the experience of couples about watching porn? How much is enough? What and who decides? Are marriages suffering due to easy availability of porn on the Net??

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Darshana Doshi
June 7, 2017


  1. It's enough till it remains in the virtual world and doesn't interfere with your personal sex life. My husband and I often watch porn together for fun and sometimes even try to replicate some things from there. But we know where to draw the line and get involved with the actual sex life we have. It's always fun till you maintain a good balance.*p*

  2. I agree…it is quite up to an individual..the norms can be set after  partners decide what is healthy for their relationship..*p*

  3. While I am pro-porn, it has its own set of problems. The first is that it sets unrealistic standards in peoples minds especially in young minds, For example the duration of the sexual act (porn stars seem to last forever!) or the length of t he penis, or the size of teh breasts compared to the waist. *p*In an older couple, Porn helps revitalise a sagging imagination on the marital bed.*p*There are pros and cons and like everything else, porn in moderation is fine*p*What is moderation? That is like asking how many drinks do you take to get drunk….for some its one for others its ten. Its a individual level.

  4. Each relationship is different. There are no fixed rules for them. One needs to set boundaries depending on your comfort as a couple.Watching porn is extremely normal and common. men do it and so do women. What is excess and not depends on the reasons for watching Porn. Some may do it for generating excitement, some to arouse themselves before the sexual activity with their spouse and some may watch porn together to keep the fire burning. Reasons are a plenty. Open communication between couple about what their individual likes and dislikes are and how far they are ready to compromise. Many a times our beliefs about sex and pornography may interfere with our logic and reason and we may tend to over react or see more than what factually meets the eye. Watching porn is not a crime. In fact you can indulge in it together and enjoy it. It may help you with your sex life and shed a few inhibitions if u have any.

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