Is your spouse or partner your soulmate?

Is it necessary for your spouse or partner to be your soulmate too? Will your relationship suffer if otherwise?

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Jae Rajesh
June 7, 2017


  1. I feel soulmate is just an idea. It is too utopian. But yes, if you mean a relationship where two people cannot do without each other, then I can say that it is one of the greatest gifts one can ever get. I feel we may not find everything in our partners but a few things which we feel is more than enough to suffice for all the other things. This is how a relationship works. A succesful couple balance each other.*p**p*That is why it is important to know your partner inside out before marriage because without proper understanding comes a great deal of problems which you may not be able to cope with after marriage.*p*

  2. Oh it is not at all necessary. Relationships can definitely be strong even if your spouse or partner isn’t your soulmate. Understanding and compatibility is very important though.

  3. Rajesh, yes my wife is my soulmate. My ‘girlfriend’,lover, best buddy, my refuge, my adventure , my weakness and my strength. I do realise everyone doesnt get that lucky. But its been my constant refrain that this is the very best boon God can give: that your partner be your soulmate.and, the mirror : your soulmate being your partner, gives you a better idea of how wonderful a life shared with someone you love more than yourself can be.*p*i wouldnt say your relationship would suffer if your soulmate isnt your spouse, you can still have a great marriage, but im saying its ideal, its the highest gift. cheers.

  4. I used to think otherwise for a long time, but the more I go through life and the more relationships that I see, I realise that sometimes your partner/spouse and your soul mate could be two different people. *p*And there’s nothing wrong in that. I don’t think the strength of your relationship depends on if your partner is your soul mate or not – just communicate, try and give each other some space and keep the spark alive – it’ll be fine

  5. Not really is it important if they can’t catch ur raders of ur thoughts. They can be good partners but need not be a good soulmate…Thr’s always a difference between the two but one has to be very lucky if they dind both in one.

  6. My partner is my soulmate…but then what makes him more permanent is the ones who come in between πŸ™‚ If you know what I mean…

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