Joys of living alone

Do you believe enjoying life while being single and living alone? If you do, let’s list out some.

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October 28, 2017


  1. Hmmm. Basically, it covers pretty much everything you wish to be. Life, your game and you play it by your rules.
    1. No pressure of meeting someone else’s expectations.
    2. Have n number of pyjama parties you wish.
    3. Date, flirt and move on.
    4. Go on solo travelling trips.
    5. The only responsibility you have – taking care of yourself.


  2. 1.Girls…..You can meet all types of men
    2. You can be lazy in grooming yourself: I hate shaving, waxing, bleaching, plucking and so on. I love being in comfy clothes and getting back to basic with fresh fae and easy hair.