Judged for not wanting children

I decided in my 20s that I didn't want children, and married a man not too keen on kids too. Initially everyone seemed okay with the idea. But as my friends have become parents, we are surrounded by people questioning our decision. Everyone tries to find what is 'wrong' with us for not wanting kids. That we are missing out on a crucial part of being human. It's gotten to the point where we have stopped hanging out with people. I don't know how to explain that I am quite happy with my decision!

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June 7, 2017


  1. As long as your partner supports the decision of not wanting kids; its perfectly ok. Live life happily and celebrate dear as you are living life of your own decisions. Many of indian women live life of what is being told to them like a circle – get married, have kids and especially male kid. Only few indian women have the courage to live upto their decision. Having or not having kid should totally be a couple's combined decision and third person should not be allowed to intervene in this decision.*p*

  2. Motherhood is overrated and over sold! I am a mother and my kids are quite grown up. I have always been at the end f giving, stressing, hearing…etc. There are people who have a strong materna' need, for them it is fine. I realized too late in life I am not one of those. Please do not let others bully you into this. But also remember if at any time you decide to have a bay then do go ahead. It is about you and your husband! *p*

  3. Kuch toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna…such has been life since time immemorial. If you don't want, you don't want. lets not bring kids on this earth just because family want them. One should desire them with utmost passion and be ready to commit their heart, soul and body for them. Let not produce them to make others happy. Spare the kids. *p*

  4. First thing u need not prove anyone that you are happy, u just be happy.Secondly  our thought process change with time so till you don't feel like going for kid don't go for sake of others.definetely I would say the happiest moment in one's life is when their kid is born there is no parallel to it.But let it come naturally to you.when we are small we don't think of sex only chocolates and ice creams now u want sex but no children with time hopefully you may feel like having kid we never know, but take it as it comes.Ultimately you lead life as per your wish to be happy.*p*

  5. Just ignore the question. It's your decision and people should respect that. You have your partner's support and there is nothing else that should matter. People will have their own opinions. Just ignore and move on. They will surely stop talking about it someday.*p*

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