Kicking the digital fix!

What do you think  about the digital fix and the divide it creates between couples

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June 7, 2017


  1. What if you have actually been aided by technology? what if tech played cupid? Ask those who met on the net.. *p**p*But doesn't it depend on the two individuals, if they want digital fix or to fix each other? Actually, yes, why are people so lost into technology these days? what are we avoiding? each other? why? Earlier, the roads, our corridors, our playgrounds were abuzz with people and activity, today most are hooked to the 7 pm news or some tele series, or the most important social media.. Why? *p**p*Cant couples use digital tech to come closer? why should it always take you apart.. Like even listening to music together comes under the digital world, so put on some music and go into trance… Or play that video game, tat you play individually, together, or browse tvf together, and laugh out loud, together, instead of typing lol's on the comments section of tvf plays.. or watch house of cards or friends together and laugh… why is it always going into your own world.. But yes, apparently, we all need our own spaces and worlds these days, and why not. We can use it for some me' time for sure. *p**p*I think its all about creating a balance, if used to our advantage, it could be a blessing. But most of us over indulge in it and forget that there is someone waiting beyond those screens.. *p**p* *p*

  2. absolutely malini. all those who are obsessed about their gadgets ought to read this post and  learn to strike a balance…*p*

  3. Kicking the digital fix is the way to go i.e. limited use of electronic gadgets…only when required…not get into the FOMO mode…*p*

  4. that's true. as matured adults, one ought to realize that excessive use of any electronic gadets can become an irritant to his/her family members and may jeopardize relationships in the long run! *p*

  5. Digital media is a boon and also a curse. But I think it creates more havoc than solves. The most imp being that we escape from our primary relationship and try and find solace elsewhere. Most of the times we get it, but it is fleeting…*p*

  6. It does create distances but creates a bridge between couples in LDRs too. You hhave to see both the aspects of Technology- the boon and the curse. I think sometimes the oversuse of technology does affect relationships and it has more to do with couples refraining from recreational activities thann anything else. That is a backlash of the digital world. *p*