Kids after 40

I am in my mid 30s and so is my wife. We are still trying to make the best of our careers and our time together. Most probably, we wil have our first children post 40 once our finances are completely sorted. Is having a baby after 40 any different from having one earlier?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Yes…it def is. You have less energy, also physically it is a little difficult. Check with a doc…*p*

  2. By the time both of you'll turn 60 and retire, your kid will be just 20 or around 20. If you save enough for his/her or both of their education and also have a stable life for yourself? If yes, then there is nothing wrong with the plan. And by the time your children would get ready for marriage you guys will be really old. 70 is not the age to marry off your kids, is it? But, anyway, if both of you feel it's correct then go ahead. But, I want to be there and alive to see my kids grow up old too with me. *p*

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