Lack of Compatibility in Bed

What if he does not satisfy me in bed? I mean there are no problems as such but I just don't feel that comfortable/compatible with him. he is my husband. How do I say? He tries really hard and I dnt want to hurt his feelings!

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July 13, 2017


  1. Try teaching him what he can do to satisfy you. And if he is resistant, then try communicating how
    it is adversely affecting you and the marriage.
    If all fails, seek help of a therapist.

  2. If you are unable to communicate your needs to him,
    please convince him to come with you to a sex therapist and take professional help.

  3. Sex is an important part of of a relationship. If your spouse is not able to satisfy you – you need to tell him openly. Talk about it and show him how he can pleasure you.

  4. But there is no option but to talk! Tell him that you don't have problem. But you want it little different. Explain him like, it's something you want extra other than what good he is doing. *p**p*And it's NOT Lack of Compatibility in Bed. It's 'not understanding each other's need' clearly which of course can be achieved with love full talks. *p*