Let us discuss the dark side of relationship pursuit from attraction to obsession and stalking.

The dark side of relationship pursuit from attraction to obsession and stalking can be creepy. How to handle it?

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Nitin Kumar
June 7, 2017


  1. This is more of a disease and things get totally out of your hands when you're addicted to someone like that. You may not even love them so much but the stalking vies you the thrill and you keep doing it again and again. And these kinds of people need some good counseling from someone they know so that they can get out of this obsession. *p*

  2. Dont know much about stalkers except what I've seen in movies. *p**p*Seems to me that they are psychologically disturbed individuals who just cannot take no for an answer.*p**p*Is it possible to identify a stalker? Maybe if you are in a relationship with a very controlling and suspicious individual and if you want to break up you need to be careful. You need to break up very clearly and not meet again. *p**p*If you do end up being stalked i don't know what the remedy is. *p*

  3. Social Media stalking is so prevelant in today's scenario, its almost like its a done thing and not a crime or something odd anymore. Everyone is doing it, so what? is the attitude. Actually i dont believe there is harmless stalking, even of you are just checking pictures of an ex or a long lost attraction eye candy, you are still harbouring thoughts about them, in your life, which is not healthy, and which is also unnecessary. It hampers your real life relationships. *p**p*If you are talking about the other type of filmy stalking, then, yes it can be extremely scary for the person being stalked and watched. It can be  harmful also. Maybe they need to confront, talk or take the person to a counsellor? *p*

  4. There's a healthy desire to know about how your ex is faring post both parties going their separate ways. Is he happier without me? Has he found my replacement? Who is she? What does she look like? Aren't we making ourselves miserable here? Our ex wouldn't be bothered monkeys peanuts about what we are doing. So let's save ourselves this pain of stalking. Time is the best healer and best of attractions appear dull if left unpursued for good. There's always a good book, a glass of wine, good friends and a movie so stop this stalking game. Say a firm no. Don't stalk and be firm if you are being stalked. Confront with the courage of conviction. Happy paths for all.*p*

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