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Why can’t our better half believe that you also care for his/her family?If we show some concern for them ..they feel that it is all show off…Why??

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Rachana Chakraborty
August 11, 2017


  1. It is not like that Ibada Monn. I feel males cannot ever believe that we females can ever love their in-laws. In spite of trying they never trust.

  2. Why do they think you are showing off? It has to be with some end in mind. Maybe if they realise there is nothing in it for you except your love for them and their loved ones, they will think differently.

  3. Do they feel you show off instead of really caring for people? Perhaps they have seen you do that. Either way talk to them and ask them why they feel that way and how you can change it so they realise that you care for their family because you love them

  4. Perhaps you should take some effort in showing that you mean it when you show your care. And if even after that if your partner has some trust issues then you have to explain him/her. Caring for someone is never a bad thing after all, and you mean it when you show it.

  5. What does he think you are showing off for? He does not trust your behaviour and emotions are true and heartfelt. Maybe have a talk and ask him what makes him feel this way and then tell him that you do really care, even perhaps not do some things that make him doubt your intentions

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