Love is beyond Age

We all must have come across this amazing proverb ‘ Age is just a number’, which according to me is applies in every sphere of life. Whether its learning something new or working somewhere or whether it is Love. True Love is a magnetic attraction towards a person where your affection towards him/her is above all the others feelings in life. If in a relationship the togetherness of the couple can overcome all the obstacles in their relationship. One of the main unplanned obstacle is the age factor between the Duo. Where some are acceptable towards the varying age difference amongst them, for instance, the couples in the entertainment industry. Their love and partnership is so strong that age is actully just a number for them. But when it to comes to most of the common folk like us why is the issue exaggerated. Why do people today find it tragic to have an age gap between two people who are in love. I think no age can decide which person is good or bad for you, no age can decide your compatibility with your partner. It’s all your willingness to be with your spouse, it’s all about how much faithful n giving are you towards your relationship. Me being a part of the 21st gen is stands amongst most of those people who maybe like somebody quite elder or maybe are in love with somebody who is much younger to them. What step shall we taken in that situation? Should it be discussed with parents but then there is always a freight of getting of not getting permitted to love the one. This calls for a very big dilemma. I really don’t understand that when will we given freedom for the right things, to choose the right one for us ourselves.

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Nityanshi Mehta
December 1, 2017


  1. If you are waiting for freedom to be given, then you aren’t ready for a relationship.

    As simple as that.

    If you are really confident about the person, you would not feel the need for validation.

  2. I agree with this no thing. Love is beyond age and it can happen anytime.
    Seema Suri
    10 months ago
    very swet song

    होंठों से छूलो तुम
    मेरा गीत अमर कर दो
    बन जाओ मीत मेरे
    मेरी प्रीत अमर कर दो

    न उमर की सीमा हो
    न जनम का हो बंधन
    जब प्यार करे कोई
    तो देखे केवल मन

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