Love or just missing her?

I recently broke off a casual relationship. It was mutual and we both decided we wanted to move on. Initially I was happy to get back into the game again. But lately I have been missing her. And get very jealous when I see her put up pics with other guys? I don't know if I am fallling in love or just missing her and should try dating someone else. Has anyone else felt this way?

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Swapnil Vyas
June 7, 2017


  1. I think there is still some spark left between the two of you, maybe something deeper. Do connect again, maybe take it slower this time. Start as friends? *p*

  2. When a person put the same question to Osho, Osho replied:*p**p*Jealousy is not part of love, jealousy is part of possessiveness. Possessiveness has nothing to do with love.*p**p*You want to possess. Through possession you feel strong: your territory is bigger. And if somebody else tries to trespass on your territory, you are angry.*p**p*If you love, jealousy is impossible; it is not possible at all.*p**p*Jealousy has nothing to do with love. If you love your woman, how can you be jealous? If you love your man, how can you be jealous? If your woman is laughing with somebody else, how can you be jealous? You will be happy: it is your woman who is happy; her happiness is your happiness. How can you think against her happiness?*p**p*But look, watch.*p**p*You are not really in love with your woman, or with your man, or with your friend. If you are in love, then his or her happiness is your happiness. If you are in love, then you will not create any possessiveness.*p**p*Love is capable of giving total freedom. ONLY love is capable of giving total freedom. And if freedom is not given, then it is something else, not love. It is a certain type of egoistic trip.*p**p*You have a beautiful woman. You want to show everybody, all around the town, that you have a beautiful woman — just like a possession. Just as when you have a car and you are into your car, you want everybody to know that nobody has such a beautiful car. The same is the case with your woman.*p**p*You bring diamonds for her, but not out of love. She is a decoration for your ego. You carry her from one club to another, but she has to remain clinging to you and go on showing that she belongs to you. Any infringement of your right and you are angry — you can kill the woman… whom you think you love.*p**p*There is great ego working everywhere. We want people to be like things. We possess them like things, we reduce persons into things. The same is the attitude about things also.*p**p*Through possession jealousy arises, the fear that the other may move, move to somebody else, the woman may not love you, or the man may start loving another woman. Then jealousy arises. Jealousy is the shadow of possessiveness. And when jealousy arises, fear arises. All the beauty of love is lost, the whole thing has become a disease, an illness.*p**p*Love never possesses, because love knows that love is possible only in total freedom. When the other is totally free, only then love is possible. Love is a happening of total freedom. When the other is not in any way in bondage, but free to give, free not to give, TOTALLY free — only then giving is beautiful.*p**p*Osho*p*

  3. It's not love. You just haven't moved on. Instead of seeing her pictures with other guys, try moving on. Because she has moved on. It'll be a waste of time and your mental peace if you keep going back to your old relationship. *p*

  4. It happens. It is like we fail to understand the worth of a person until he/she exits from our lives. I think you should just talk to her about your feelings. Have an honest discussion with her and see her reaction. Maybe she misses your company too.*p*

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