Low self esteem and confidence

I have a low self esteem and people pleasing personality. How to get rid of this……. T

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June 7, 2017


  1. Dear ABC,*p**p*Its great that you understand what the problem is.  I recommend that you seek a good therapist and undergo counselling . This will help you get rid of the beliefs that make you a people pleaser and under confident. *p**p*Before that*p**p*Do you fear that people will negatively evaluate or judge you?*p**p*Do you evaulate yourself negatively? *p**p*DO you worry abt making mistakes all the time, and therefore avoid making decisions or delay them?*p**p*DO you look for appreciation and validation most of the time?*p**p*Do you find it extremely distressing to take a negative feedback?*p**p*If youve answered Yes, to most of the qestions above I recommend that you seek professional help from a thetapist.*p**p*All the best*p**p*Snigdha*p**p*lifesurfers.org*p*

  2. Good that you know what your weaknesses are. I think confidence is something we gain with interaction. I think your appeasing personality and diffidence is interelated. You are appeasing others so that they appease you back. But it is actually indicative of you not being confident about yourself. First be proud of your existence and also start praising yourself instead of praising others. Keep on interacting with people and try to focus on yourself, first. Try sharing your life experiences so that people know. Confidence is something which comes when you believe in yourself. If you are confident about yourself people will start giving your example. So its high time you focus on yourself.*p*

  3. Believe in yourself & your abilities. Don't allow anyone to take you for granted. Focus on your strengths & fine tune them. Most importantly,  never give up if people try to put you down. *p*

  4. Now that you know that where you're lacking, you have to work on them. And nobody can help you but you yourself. So don't lose hope. There are many videos on youtube which can help you. Learn from the people who had a low self-esteem and built their personality on their own. We have so many examples to learn from. And I am sure you have friends who'll help you with this if seek help from them.*p*

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