Making up after a fight

So I recently had an unnecessary tiff with my wife that got blown out of proportion and so she hasn't been talking to me. This is our first major married couple fight. I just want things to be fine again. Any tips from successful husbands?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Dont apologise ,make her feel guily that she has hurt such a wonderful man and ideal husband.Make her jealous ,talk nicely to her best friend but not to her.Buy a gift for your mom and tell her that you miss her.Chnage the pass word of your phone.Be distant and quiet ,only talk to yourself. or laugh loudly on the phone and be quiet as soon as she enters the room..Buy a nice diamond ring American diamond bhi chalega and say in the devdas tone isko mai phek deta hoon after all its point less.*p**p*she will come running to you.*p*

  2. I would say give each other time to cool down, do not rush to patch things up and then celebrate the making up with a special dinner or a nice movie. Fights are fine. Also at times we fight to get a little spark back. Making up is a reassuarnce to the other, that they are imp. I have been married for 22 years and to know that when we fight and are not comfortable when not talking to each other is a reasurance! *p*

  3. What my husband did for me after a fight was… He prepared a list of things which went wrong and what we learnt from the mistakes and stuck in on the wall of our bedroom. And he pledged to never repeat them again. And he obeyed his words. You can do something similar maybe. *p*

  4. Try cooking for her. It works for me. Just make her a good surprise dinner. I think good food is the key to winning a woman's heart. Set the tone and have a good conversation about the mishap.*p*

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