Marriage : A Journey Before and After

Recently I met one of my friends who discussed with me about her future plans about marriage. She told how her parents are willing to get her hitched in a arranged marriage. But alike any other girl she was too in a dilemma of this circle of arranged and love marriage. We often feel that arrange marriages are too awkward but at the same time interesting because you come across a new side of your partner each day. And when I think love marriage, it is all about faith confidence about your partner and affection towards him.
Well this is a well of confusion. I wish I could get a solution for it so that I can even help my friend
Can anyone please help me with it???

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Nityanshi Mehta
November 29, 2017

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  1. You gotta take the jump to find out the depth of the pit. You gotta fall to know.. This whole saga of arranged v/s love has quite lost its relevance in todays world. But i guess many of our families still belive in taking the decision on thier children’s behalf.
    Believe me, love or arranged, marriage is a very funny culmination. It is no bed of roses even if it is a love marriage. Arranged marriage comes with its own set of constraints, i have seen many a shitty love marriages too. So I really cant be God , actually no one can be God and tell anyone, “You got to find your own path”. We can share our experiences.
    An arranged marriage has its own charm, of a completely new experience, and there is lot of romance left to be unravelled when two strangers are tied together in a nupital knot.
    Love marriage is a different ball game, you dont decide on love, it just happens, if it hasnt happen, lets not try to make it happen, just to ful fill some silly dream of mine, eloping or ‘love marriage karungi bas’.. We dont get to decide, if love has happened its natural, that you will want to spend your lifetime with the person, its a well thought out , weighed decision by two mature individuals, its nothing like the movies, trust me. Its as boring as an arranged marriage.
    Both come with a huge sense of responsibility, so whatever path one chooses, get to know yourself first, then all these questions wont arise. If you are in Love, then take the responsibility, declare it, fight for it, see it to the end. If you are not in love, wait for it to happen, and lets not be closed to parents showing us rishtas too, you never know, when cupid strikes… cupid is everywhere you know… it could be a formal arranged meeting, but you could end up falling for each other.
    To conclude i would say, be open to life itself.. let not bias and pre conceived notions come inbetween you deciding and taking an informed decision. Fall in love before marriage or fall in love after, just pick love.. YOu will be happy always.

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