Marriage alliance dumping me for richer alliance. Is money that important?

A guy who was interested in me for getting married has suddenly lost interest because he got another match who is richer than my family. Does money play such an important role?

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June 7, 2017


  1. Depends on the mentality. If he was going to marry you purely for money, then this sudden loss in interest is a huge lesson for you as it unfurled his actual intentions behind marrying you. You are lucky that you could realize it before marriage.

  2. It does to him, clearly. Perhaps his interest in you was superficial. Or he could be under family pressure, as most families would choose money. In any case, you were saved from marrying someone prone to not being honest and changing their mind at the last minute. Money doesn’t matter to everyone, but for those it does, it matters a lot.

  3. If he lost interest because he got another with more money then you are better off without you.

  4. Sadly, money does continue to play an important role in the matters of marriage today. However, you should be glad that this proposal didn’t work out and look forward to meeting someone who genuinely wants to get married to you for the person you are and not your bank statement.

  5. Money should not play an important role but sadly in india, it does. You are better off without him if thats the case. there are a lot of nice guys out there

  6. dont worry Maissha, its good that it dint happen. You were saved from being married to someone who loved money more than you. Do you think you would have been able to adjust with such a person. Something better is in store. Dont worry

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