Marriage Decision

Just like women, society bullies men too…
Why are men chased by society for getting married? Doesn’t this infringe upon his personal freedom with respect to a personal and crucial life decision?
Why is it society’s business?

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Sachin Singh
August 29, 2017


Anshulika Bansal
Anshulika Bansal September 1, 2017 - 2:40 pm

Well, if you pay attention to what people say then you can never be at peace.
People always try to put you down but you should be sane enough to ignore such things.
Your freedom is in your hands.
Create a friendly environment at home where people can discuss freely and put their views on table.
Society has to say something only to those who lend an ear to them.
Society tries to interfere once or twice and if you do not pay attention, it searches for another prey.

Christina August 31, 2017 - 6:51 pm

if you live in a society anything which is away from society rules ,thoughts ,ideas rattle the society.If you think that this is an infringement on your personal freedom then become so powerful that you set the rules for the society

Bhagyashree Sowani
Bhagyashree Sowani August 31, 2017 - 1:33 pm

Right from the time we are born society influences our perceptions and actions. If we can understand the areas that society is dictating to us we should also be able to identify where we will not get dictated. Doing so requires a lot of conviction in our own thought process and the courage to act upon it.
Our history is filled with the lives of social reformers like Buddha, mahatma gandhi, rajaram mohan roy, sarojini naidu to name a few.
Through their writings and speeches they demanded social change.
Yet they had a lot of pride in Indian culture.
They struggled to improve our lives.

Ibada Monn
Ibada Monn August 30, 2017 - 8:03 pm

It isn’t! Best to ignore it. Once you start giving in to those demands, they will never stop. First it is to get a job, then to get married, then to have children, down to how many children you should have! Society will find a way to tell you how your life is not complete and you need more. Don’t let them guide your life and make your decisions.

Dr. Sanjeev Trivedi
Dr. Sanjeev Trivedi August 30, 2017 - 7:47 pm

No one bullies, without your allowing them to do so.

Give them something better to discuss. Throw questions before they are able to open there mouths.

Manish Kanvar
Manish Kanvar August 30, 2017 - 5:53 pm

Agree totally. It totally infringes upon his personal freedom but one has to be strong enough to not let
anything affect one’s personal life.

Ayushi Vaidya
Ayushi Vaidya August 30, 2017 - 3:00 pm

Somewhere it is people like us who make the society. I mean for the neighbourhood man we are society. Any kind of collective change would require change at our own homes first. May be if we first give men and women of our family that freedom to marry or not to marry then it can start a chain reaction and soon it would no longer be society’s decision.

We need to remember that society has this influence because we have given them the power.

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