Marriage or Live-in Relationship?

Modernisation has invaded the realm of relationships. Societal perceptions are changing. The old traditional way for couples to be together was to get married. Today, in a more permissive society, live-in relationships have become a norm. Both have their pros and cons. Would you opt for the traditional marriage or a live-in relationship or a bit of both?

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Ashok Chibbar
July 13, 2017


  1. I'd opt for a live in. Maybe get married once kids are on the way because they should not hear stuff like your parents are not married. But i'd much rather know that my relationship is tied with love and commitment, not a piece of paper. That we are together by choice, even though we can walk out easily at any point*p*

  2. A bit of both. I think it is better to start off by living together and then get married traditionally. That is the best way to gauge the durability of a relationship.*p*

  3. I would advice marriage if you are planning a baby. If that is to be.. a lifelong legitimate commitment sworn before the society is definitely a necessity, even if you call it a necessary evil. Marriage is probably the oldest institution, and come what may, how shaky it can get, it still wins over, and has sustained for centuries, and will so. If you think it is just for namesake, and you can do all the above without the tag of marriage, then cool, go ahead. If you think marriage is a restrainer, and a bonding that you are accountable for socially if it breaks up, and therefore do not want it, please go ahead anyway and live together.. but never have kids. *p*

  4. Today a woman is fairly emancipated and does not fear the financial insecurity of yore. If she can handle the emotional angle, a live-in relationship would be ideal for her. Man by nature is a nomad, a drifter. It takes a lot to keep him "chained". Yes children are another aspect that has to be looked in to. On the other hand, marriage gives the stamp of societal acceptance. As society eveolves so would the values change.*p*

  5. I would opt for a live-in and see how it goes. Also I think it is children which really change the equation. What if two people do not want children? Then do all the traditional rules apply?*p*

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