Marriages and Parents

We have discussed the role of parents-in-law to death (well, metaphorically) in almost every discussion on modern day marriages and its listless reasons of conflicts and confrontations. Recently in a panel discussion on Women Empowerment, I was discussing the topic of Parents and grown up (read married) Daughters with my co-panelists and I soon came to realise that despite best intentions, the earlier generation has limited understanding/ appreciation of intangible issues like emotional incompatibility, etc. Further, we see news around dowry deaths where girls were sent back by their parents to “adjust”. The importance of the survival of marriage often exceeds the needs of wellbeing for the child in question. My question is, how essential is a parent’s validation in your decision? 2. How can parents and children work on such generation gap issues? 3. How do we brace ourselves for generation gaps issues as future parents?

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Sinjini Sengupta
August 3, 2017


  1. Parents should stop seeing their daughter as ‘paraya dhan’ or putting what will people say above her happiness. It is sad how many women suffer abuse and torture in their marital homes because their parents have abandoned them

  2. I’d say listen to your child first and foremost. You know her best and if she says she is unhappy and afraid, do not force her. Also, put her well being above what society would say. Would you rather have your daughter miserable for the rest of her life to keep your neighbours happy? She should know that no matter what, she always has a home and unconditional love

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