Married couples arguing

Is it ever okay for married couples to argue in front of kids? Maybe when they are older. Or should parents always keep the unpleasant aspects of a relationship hidden? Maybe kids need to know what real relationships look like instead of everything seeming perfect on surface. On the other hand, this may make them think that relationships are bitter and their parents unhappy. Any thoughts?

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July 13, 2017


  1. That's a good point. Arguing for the sake of it or to make things miserable for the another, is best avoided.*p*

  2. That would seem the most practical thing to do. If parents argue, they should also show their kids that they have patched up and arguments do not mean the death of a relationship. Conflict is part of marriage. How we handle conflict is important.*p*

  3. I am glad you have found love and joy in your relationship and have moved on from letting childhood memories negatively affect you. Perhaps if onen has seen parents be unkind to one another, it can alter the perception of marriage for them. It's important to seek help to lead a happy fulfilled life as you did.*p*

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