Marrying my gay partner

I love my boyfriend dearly. And want to cement our love for life. Have a home and a family. But I don't think that'll ever be possible. What's the relationship between gay marriage and family? Is a homosexual family ever possible in our country?

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June 7, 2017


  1. The moment you can stop thinking about the world around you and focus on your love and nothing else you can be that first family. Fuck what others think and go with your heart. I am hoping to hear good things from you. Start a blog here on Bonobology and document each event of your buildup to your happily ever after. I know you have a good story to tell. *p*

  2. I do know a fair number of same-sex couple whose families have accepted the relationship including my own cousin sister and her wife. Some families struggle with acceptance, some families accept wholeheartedly and some never do.*p**p*Society has still a long way to go with regard to accepting homosexual relationships but there are some really strong examples of couples who have not only married and lived together but have adopted child/children and live very fulfilling lives. *p**p*I hope you find some positive examples in the LGBT community around you.*p*

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