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Does one have a right to have a 'me-time' away from ones partner? When in a relationship, one is expected to be with ones partner – as I said expected to be! Is this fair? Can one of them not have a right to a 'me-time', where s/he spends time with herself or with her friends or whatever she wants to do?Is 'me-time' unfair to the other partner? Or are you stuck for life with your partner with no individual time for yourself?

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Utkarsh Patel
July 13, 2017


  1. I completely agree with you and I especially like your statment, "……like a driftwood in a river slipping away."….*p*

  2. Do timetable your slot with Me Time. You need time to work on yourself. Consciously!*p**p*It could be meditation, rest, music, cooking, reading, strolling just about anything time. You need to love yourself and feel good about life during this Me Time.*p**p*24 into seven you can't carry on like a driftwood in a river slipping away. There are responsibilities of life and Me Time helps you connect with the universal energy. This energy gets tuned into beautiful emotions and at times spirituality. To be intuitive, to be a good performer and scorer in life you need Me Time. This help helps you teach and befriend yourself.*p*

  3. Of course. Having your own personal space and time is essential for growth and a harmonious relationship. *p*

  4. I would think that this comes more with maturity in the relationship. However, the conflict of one wanting me-time when the other is seeking we-time is not so unfounded…..*p*

  5. Well said….a balance of me and we……*p**p*I guess a mature relationship understand this well….*p*

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