My husband is always busy with the phone or do I compete with technology now??

There's hardly any time left after work and now my partner's so called 'destressing gadgets' are taking over my personal time with him…how do I solve my problems with  a non living entity??

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June 7, 2017


  1. This is a issue which i personally face too and it does bother me. While discussing this issue (i would not call it a problem) somebody asked me whether i was looking for a solution to fix my husband or me. You see the solution to this issue has to come from you. One needs to do some introspection – like how much time you spend on social media…Why you find the virtual world more interesting than the real world….Is it because we don't want to face the realities of life….There could be many things….I think can write a full post on this…But the crux remains that the solution to this issue has to come from you and not from the spouse….The change has to come from you….*p*

  2. A pet won't help. Your husband is too numb for simpler signal.*p**p*Bring home a friend, if possible an attractive one and preferably a male. When you are open and honest in your friendship there is no harm in chatting with someone in the cool confines of your home.*p**p*The smell of something burning, shouldn't last long. And if you are unfortunate not to smell anything burning, then anyways, you already have the remedy. Shift focus. *p*