My husband keeps me vulnerable

I miss attention,romance,flatter from my husband.I keeping ego and everything aside and explained him my feelings.But no improvement what to do? This makes me more vulnerable for other men, for instance there was a guy how used to flirt with me and I enjoyed it though it's past and I never crossed any limits.But my husband keeps me vulnerable to such temptations.what to do? Please help me.

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June 7, 2017


  1. You know it is always better to discuss with your husband before stepping into doing something drasctic. Before going ahead for an extra marital affair, it is much better you discuss it with your husband directly. Think about it the other way. You are busy on your own and then all of a sudden your husband comes and tells you that you have neglected me. So I am in an affair. Wont you be shocked? The biggest problems arise because of miscommunications*p*

  2. Have you tried speaking to him frankly, or have to tried seeking counseling for this case. You may feel better when you get a good hearing from a professional. *p**p*I totally get what you are saying, really, but trust me, it always works well for us when we too immerse ourselves in what we want .. ok you want your husband, but what to do, our men are jerks most of the times, they don't care as they r so trained to be career oriented…. Women crave companionship , which is so normal… Of course you want that time to talk about small and big matters.. but if he is unavailable and not ready to comply..maybe it's time we as women moved on.. how about getting involved in Ur own health… Ur interests, children s passions.. etc..*p**p* *p*

  3. Wish our men were taught how to behave with the women of thier life. Really. Sadly, this is most of the womens story. However, temptation is a part of life especially today with communication at the press of a button, like pings and watsapps. But I guess engaging in something more meaningful helps.. Like engaging in You. LIke taking such good care of yourself that his attention becomes immaterial. Immersing in self-care is the only way out of the feeling of abandon i guess. *p*

  4. As his wife, you certainly deserve attention though flattery is something you should not look for and in fact, you, too, should not think of flattering your husband to boost his ego. Drifting attention is a common complaint when wives are taken for granted. They long for a greater span of attention and pampering. The girl in you is still alive. Your husband is perhaps not aware that not paying attention and not flattering you is something serious. Since this deficit is making you feel like straying or vulnerable to advances by other men, you should certainly sit and discuss the matter with hubby dear. Call it a prime need that should be fulfilled and make him understand through examples how the marriage works better with recognition and small gestures of goodness and appreciation. *p*

  5. You are sad because your marriage does not meet your expectations. But instead of putting blame on your husband maybe you need to evaluate *p**p*Day to day routine is a romance killer especially if there are kids. You need to take out more time *p**p*Sometimes one of you is angry with the other and that affects your spouse *p**p*People have different opinions on romance. Maybe you just need to be more appreciative about whatever he is doing. *p**p*Flirting with other men is not a solution. Its disrespectful of your husband. It will make you feel guilty.*p*

  6. Am getting your point Malini, but am very emotional person I may divert myself in reading some book, exercise or something but it doesn't work long at end I want my husband.Anytime I talk to my sis or friends my day completes only after I talk with husband.if someone pays attention on me I simply get pulled to him because I crave for it so much from my husband which I don't get, since I know there is nothing at end of road with the one who flirts I don't want to encourage myself, then internally it's fight between the temptations and morals it's stressful, I have to make myself no no no work on your marriage don't fall for other person it's so much of exercise which I have to go through but simply if husband gives me what I want it will be so easy for me.*p*

  7. Yeah I spoke to him many times but the funny part is he feels he gives me lot of importance and am unable to understand it, yes he is career oriented I still feel he is like a school boy going to school like obedient student and then coming back home doing homework kind,if I  indulge in other activities yeah to some extent should work, basically keeping ourselves busy.But I don't like that there is still so much emptiness.But all this makes me so vulnerable to other guys I get attracted very easily n it shows on my face and my husband doesn't know he has taken me for granted, no tension where she will go she will be with me only he is so secured in relation.Only I know what I have to go through. *p*

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