My Wife is a Bitch!

I hate my wife but I cannot leave her because of a million reasons – family blah blah. She takes advantages of all the weaknesses and exploits me in all situations. What do I do?

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Nitin Kumar
August 16, 2017


  1. Wow, thats some language you have used for a woman.. some very strong words and emotions for the lady! Hate is a very strong word and stronger emotion, do not live with it, it will Consume you and you wont even know it. Sit down, talk it out, be open about the way you feel, hear her end of the story too. The why’s and what’s of it all.. if you still feel she’s being impossible and unreasonable, and there is no hope, seek help. Be open to communication, and not the closed ones, where you cant hear the others view point at all, an open one..

    Just dont live in hate and misery, find a way out. How long have you been married? If you have just met, then there are bound to be eye openers, that is the person itself. TALK IT OUT!!!

  2. Remove the root cause of displeasure. Sort it out and put an end to your marriage if you aren’t happy.

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