Mystery vs. Comfort

After being together for a long time, when all that hoo-ha about exploring each other is over, what can a couple do to spice things up? What is more important in a relationship – mystery or being comfortable with each other? Is there any way to fix the dichotomy?

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Ankita Banerjee
September 22, 2017


  1. I think there is too much discussion around these topics. The relationship between any couple has its ups and lows…and it is how they carry on together during these phases is what makes them a success. What say @jammy

  2. It doesn’t have to be forced at all.
    And spicing things up requires some effort of course. Passion has to be keep alive- not forcefully but by being open to newer experiences.
    Sex toys for e.g can do a lot to spice things up or watching porn together.

  3. We can keep exploring with one another. Point is we need to have the chemistry and fire for one another. Then – we can explore TAntra, Kamasutra poses, indulge in hobbies that we would like to experiment with one another, food play, Blindfold, BDSM, the lsit is endless.

  4. I believe even a lifetime isn’t enough if we really wish go know our partner. Some mystery always lurks around. While being comfortable is about growing up and leaving childish courtship tales behind, adding some spice is much required!

    You can take both literal and metaphorical trip to places of your memories or forget the world and just be with each other, plan some surprise gifts or dates.

  5. Mystery any day- once predictability and boredom sets in, the fun is gone.Comfort is a tricky thing in a relationship- do not get too comfortable.
    Do activities together that will be fun for both of you. Spend time apart with your own set of friends too.
    Travel together, explore new places . Cook together. Do something wild together like exploring a new sport or new role play in the bedroom.
    Get creative πŸ™‚

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