One sided crush is a heart breaker. is it okay to keep drooling over someone and never have the guts to propose?

One sided crush is a heart breaker. is it okay to keep drooling over someone and never have the guts to propose?

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Neeti Singh
June 7, 2017


  1. Probably you should watch Shahrukh Khan's talking about one-sided love in the film "Ae Dil Hai Muskil". Haha. Anyway, I think for some romantics this one-sided love is a kind of pleasure which is quite pristine to them. They derive the pleasure out of the pain. This is the platonic viewpoint of the romantics.*p**p*Now, a realist will definitely go forward and make his feelings felt even if it may have bad consequences. It depends on which path you wanna go but I would always prefer to be vocal about my feelings. But as I said some people love the feeling of chasing the love of their lives even if they have to be quiet about it and suffer. *p*

  2. It depends on what you are looking for if you want to develop the crush into something more than that you have to tell them how you feel. If you muster the courage and open up about your feelings there is a 50% chance of it working out, but if you don't there is 100% chance of it not materialising into anything further. *p**p*If you just hang in there you will always live with the false feeling of hope. The hope that it will happen some day while the relations that don't move forward often get less important and people become strangers with time. Also, by waiting you are blocking other potential relationships.*p*

  3. I have been there. Done both! Sat quiet, and drooled over someone and never had the guts to tell him. I also became gutsy 3 years ago and spoke my heart out to my crush (and then, best friend), and told him how much I loved him.*p**p*Result– Both these men are married to the women of their dreams!*p**p*However, I feel one needs to do what their heart tells them to. If you really really love someone, tell them. It's okay to be rejected or said a no to. I have also been in a place where someone who liked me asked me out, and I wasn't ready. We are still friends!*p**p*And there are some men we like- for reasons best known to us. But they are probably not the ones we could confess our feelings to. I have again, been there too. So I know it's best at times to be quiet and get over those feelings.*p**p*So you are the best judge of the situation. Speak your feelings out your crush if you know that he will respect you for it.*p**p*And at times, a one-sided crush can really help you grow and become a better version of yourself, if you don't let it hurt you too much :)*p*

  4. As sadist as I may sound, I can relate to the 'taking pleasure in the pain part'…*p*

  5. i think its better to get your heart broken rather than thinking "what if". you must have watched 3 idiots where amir khan advises everyone that many years from now you maay be standing somewhere thinkning what if i had done that or what if i had done this. life is too big to live with regrets. every single day thinking "i should have asked him out. may be he would have said yes." is too much of a commitment.*p*

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