Online dating in middle age

A friend lost her father a few years ago. She will soon be leaving the country for a few years and does not want to leave her mother alone. She can see her mother getting lonelinier and extremely saddened with her only child leaving. So my friend came up with a plan to get her mum to start dating again. Her mother is over 40 and not completely negating the idea. Is the online dating world suitable for women over 40 or is my friend making a terrible mistake? I want to help her out

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Priya Jindal
June 7, 2017


  1. I think there are single people of that age and I must say this is a very good idea! In my city too there are clubs and groups where single people of around 40 and 50 meet up and play crads or golf, or simply take up hobbies! *p*

  2. There are many people who are above 40 and end up finding their love at such a later stage of their life. People over 40 need a companion who can emotionally stabilize their life and online dating portals are one of the best ways to find it these days as technology is taking over almost everything. So, if we use to wisely, it shouldn't harm us. Good luck with finding the right person. :)*p*

  3. I do not think it is. Technology is here to help and we should use it. Even spending time with people over the internet can ease her boredom. I think it is a good decision.*p*

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