Online Matrimony vs Online Dating: Which one would you prefer and why?

Turns out that the world of online matrimony is not very different from the real matrimony market- where the important variables are caste, community, looks, jobs and dowry!
What kind of portals do you prefer to date or to find your special someone?

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Saumya Tewari
June 7, 2017


  1. I doubt it that any online forum can help us find love or the special someone. Usually, even the special people we meet via common friends and college meets turn out to be decieving hoaxes. I don't think the internet contributes a lot to this soulmate concept. Love better be found via the human touch. *p*

  2. I've tried both. Online dating is definitely? better as there's no marriage pressure and people are more themselves in my opinion. *p*

  3. Online matrimony is one the stupidest things which exist in our society. Women look for rich men and men look for beautiful women. That's all. It's so platonic that it contradicts with all the values about a marriage. You don't need to use filters to find your woman or man. You need love to do that. *p**p*But, similarly dating websites gives you the freedom to look for like-minded people and spend time with them. That's it. It's up to you that you take things ahead with them or not. So, Online dating > online marriage.*p*

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