Parenting it right

How important is it for parents to be friends with their children? Like, children these days are getting more and more detached from their parents. Can a friendship be struck between parent-children duo?

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September 6, 2017


  1. When a parent says ‘I want to be best friends with my kid, what they really mean is, ‘I want the kid to like me,’. And the best way of getting the kid to like them, they think, is to be warm and supportive and just a peer — all of the fuzzier elements of parenting, but none of the tougher ones. But kids are ultimately going to be warmer and more respectful if the parent is a parent. That’s what I believe.

  2. I don’t know about a bosom friendship but I am very friendly with my mom. We talk about almost everything and at dinner,lunch, breakfast, we always sit together. That’s a major family rule. More than rule, we love it. So I hope, yes, a friendship is possible.